With lots of different types, sizes and styles of alloy wheel as you can imagine it can be difficult to give an accurate quotation with out a member of our team taking a look from a sms picture message or via our email on our contacts page.

Prices start from just £37.50 per wheel within a 10mile radius of Chippenham Wiltshire. If you do live further outside of this area please still feel free to contact us or give us a call for your free no obligation quotation.

For a full set of 4 alloy wheels to be refurbished to its original look or even a change of colour for a new look we will offer a 10% discount.

Wheels   Machine Polishing  
Refurbishment to the original look From £37.50 Single panel £12.00
Refurbishment to chrome look From £45.00 Small car £45.00
    Medium car £55.00
Smart Repairs   Large car £65.00
Bumper repair and paint (corner) From £55.00    
Bumper blow in (corner) From £45.00    
Sill repair and paint From £50.00    
Mirror cover (paint) £22.50    
Door Moulding (paint) £22.50